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Whether you are tired of just managing your symptoms, or if you are overwhelmed by your health issues – I can help you build a wellness plan that is individualized for you, so you can take control of your health and wellness.

Your guide to stress management

One of the common challenges that I see patients struggle with is the inability to manage stress which manifests in various health issues affecting mind and body. You can now download a free copy of my e-book on stress management. You  will learn how stress manifests, how it effects your body and how you can take control of your stress using simple, practical and easy tips and techniques.  Click here to download.

About Dr. JC

Dr. Sharmilee Jayachandran (Dr. JC) has helped thousands of individuals and families regain health and wellness successfully.

She educates and empowers her patients, so they can take control of their well being. Prior to starting her practice in the Greater Boston area, she successfully ran wellness practice for more than 10 years in integrated healthcare facilities.

Dr. JC uses Functional Laboratory Testing and Naturopathic Diagnosis to evaluate root cause of health issues. She works with her patients to individualize wellness plan using a range of
modalities including Diet and Nutritional Counseling, Targeted Supplementation, Botanical Medicine and  Homeopathy.


“I owe my recovery to you and you are the only provider who really listened and cared. I am thankful to have worked with you and to have gotten to know what a smart, compassionate and dedicated person you are”



“I cannot thank you enough for how much your support has helped me! I am beyond lucky to have been your patient.”



“You are a dedicated and empathetic doctor who goes beyond the norm to assist your patients and give them hope”


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