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Back to School Immune Support Strategy

Once school year starts and cool weather follows shortly after, kids are frequently exposed to some “bug” or the other at school.  Keeping this in mind, I am sharing here the back-to-school immune support strategy that I use for my own kids to best support their...

What Is Food Sensitivity?

You do not feel well after eating a particular food, even if it is well known as a healthy food. You may notice that you have symptoms such as headache, joint pain or excess bloating.  You are not sure if the particular food is responsible for your symptoms, so you...

How does vitamin C support immune health?

Vitamin C and immune health Vitamin C or ascorbic acid has many health benefits from increasing iron absorption to supporting detox pathways. As a powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin C improves lipid profile and is linked to reducing atherosclerosis, overall reducing risk...

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